Dark, moonless, still, lonesome night,

The breeze makes stars dance,

Ah, that you were with me!


So pass several nights of mine,

As I long for love,

O my God, bless me!


The symphony of silence,

A medley of thoughts,

How I would love this:

If you had been seated with me,

And felt the hours fly,

With love adding much more.


My beloved, you come in dreams,

And give life meaning,

Become real for me.


I have lost my zest in life,

Loneliness is pain,

Come and be mine.


Perhaps The God Almighty,

Wants these nights to end,

Wny so far from me?


True love is rare yet I seek,

With full hope in God,

Perhaps dreams come true.


All I want is a caring soul,

Who doubts not my love,

Nor wants none but me.

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udontknowme's picture

I enjoy your poems.  Your a

I enjoy your poems.  Your a natural and your words flow from your heart.

palewingedpoetess's picture

You have to keep showing up for love Sir Poet............

You can't wonder off galivanting all over the world and rarely if ever be around for the one you claim you love.  Then your love feels abandoned and betrayed by your lack of being there. Think of all those letters your love wrote you that you never bothered to reply to. Tell me, is that not a lover ignoring his love by not replying to her even if only with a paragraph or a poem of reply? Why not try coming back to her with renewed vigor for her if your feelings are still sincere and see not where such ambition (smiles) gets a man such as your longing for love, poetic self . Take it from a poetess who knows about these very important things.

Sincerest regards, Melissa Lundeen...........