Lost it all again

Thinking of the days

When those thoughts were’t so clear

Spent many years wondering

Am I living in fear

From the voices 

To the choices we make

I’ll be back again 

This time I won’t be late


So now I’m looking at the shadows on the wall

Sitting back and I’m about to take a fall

Don’t pick me up because today I’m unstable

Closed the chapter in this book if your able


When you feel so useless and you have no time

Just remember the secretes inside of your mind

When you can’t remember the numbers to call

Just remember you haven’t lost it all



haven’t lost my mind yet as I am trying to escape

Haunted memories of the good ole times we had made

But don’t you worry about me 

 I’ll be just fine

I’ll be I’ll be I’ll be just fine


Situations you can’t control just hold you back

Someone says it’s over and then you fucking snap

Dropping everything and forgetting who you are

Driving endless hours waiting for a call


This is the beginning to a new page

Release the demon you call rage

Were not the enemy we are your friends

Inside a circle of death that will make admends

Please let me in medicated and abused

These times are only good if you don’t lost


Lost it all again

Standing tall

Did the same shit again

I never missed the call

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Always a wonderful feeling

Always a wonderful feeling when you comment.  THANK YOU

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Not making the same mistake more than 10-20 times. I say "Don't go there!" Then I go there. 

Lady A


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Thank you Allets

Thank you Allets