A Few Gone Bad



Ive been going for a long time

and the systems is a same line

i was falling down before i could breath


I was puting you down and the sinners around

i was seeing you of what you need


i can't take this no more

one more fall i will be sore

she does the same thing to me


And I can't




I don't think if i am right

I don't know why i have to slide 

the lines inside my mind

its burning burning bridges

down my eyes


i can't take it like this is another day

I think about it now you want to go out and play,

find the words 

don't know what to say

your pointing up right,

 now and you got to feel the pain


Burning inside of you

holding inside the truth

wondering when the lives will stop


Putting the shame to it

waiting for all of this

it's all the same old shit

until this bullet stops it quick


Waiting for one more time

this is the only lie

holding in secretes she wants to keep it'

i'm just a reason

you use to stay and hide




Letting me go i don't know where to save the time

i want to belong and i have to be brave

calling your friends but u ran out chance

this is why i'm pulling it out


I don't want to say these words i did before'

stepping out of the moment and i;m out of this door

i don't want to hold onto this shit no more

im scraping it off of the floor..

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Very compelling, wrenching

Very compelling, wrenching and unsparing in its realism. The structure as well as the breathless inner monologue captures the crisis with impressive skill. True art. Bravo! 

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not into bullets but got the out of there like a shot--metaphor: a killed relationship. We are conditioned to accept murder, subtle like. Casually. ~S~



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This song that I wrote is

This song that I wrote is about a guy who is complimenting suicide but fighting his demons to the core so as he puts the bullet in the gun he looks down the barrel imagining what his death would be like. He lives his death before he pulls the trigger.

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I missed a lot, Ellioy. Interesting theme. 




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Its very dark but my YouTube

Its very dark but my YouTube you can hear the song. https://youtu.be/VVQcU1A0rSo