Shining Star

In the morning I think about her 

I wonder if she thinks about me,

At night I look up at the stars,

I wonder if she is starring 

at the same star I see,

She is always on my mind,

Am i on hers as well.

Even though we haven't met yet,

Time will only tell, 

They say fate is what will guide us,

So who really has the map.

She is beautiful and I am handsome, 

What is taking so long,

I'll sing for her as she plays my favorite song.

When nights are dark and cold, 

I pretend I'm holding her in my arms,

When I'm traveling,

I hope she hears my heart.

Only time will tell and faith will decide.

I wonder is she is smiling,

as she reads this message I write.

I wonder if that shining star

is still shining bright,

I cant wait to meet her,

To have her in my life. 

For S.O.V.S wherever she is......

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I'm Still Liking

cavewoman tactics. club 'em unconscious, drag 'em in the cave, big guard mammoth to keep 'em in and force them to eat my cooking. easy. :D