Wishful thinking power to the end,

pulling up inside my mind it comprehends,

Broken promises colorong the past,

 broken heart in shambles fragile just like glass,


I put my heart on my sleeve and it gets stepped on,

buried creating low self esteem,

Enemy of myself harder to pitty,

in my broken mind there is a broken man,

One day someday you will understand,


I am just me just me just me

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Dear Fragile As Glass


Tons if world citizens wondering where next meal for family and self is coming from. Rent is due, bank balance dependent on credit cards-no real easing to resume commerce anywhere but China. Grow strong, Jordon. Lots ahead to do to rebuild! ~S~



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we are all special in

we are all special in someones eyes

don`t let people define who you are

ron parrish