Happy birthday Grandma,

We miss you very much,

And tho we think it daily,

I feel it's not enough,


Happy Thanksgiving Grandma,

I'll make a plate just for you,

We'll pray it's sent to heaven,

So you can enjoy your food,


Merry Christmas Grandma,

A joyess time of the year,

Your house again is decorated,

I hope you see it bright and clear,


Happy New Year Grandma,

Did pap pap steal a kiss?

Or did he give you roses,

As a new years gift,


We Love and miss you Grandma,

That, I know is true,

So always remember,

We Love you to the moon

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Today (November 8th) is my grandmother's birthday, she passed away May of last year. She was an amazing woman, who always loved spending holidays with her family. She never forgot anyone when it came to holiday cards or gifts, even close friends and charities got something from her. Whether it was a present, a cash donation or even a sear at the dinner table. More the merrier. Rest in Peace Gramma, and Happy Birthday

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A lovely tribute to a loving

A lovely tribute to a loving Grandmother

Thank you kindly for sharing