Just Rambling

What good is a symbol without meaning?  Without it, it’s just a shell.

People always speak of divinity and providence and Amazing Grace thinking it requires nothing of them.

They worship methodically, hypocritically: “Our Father who art thou in heaven—or the confessional booth—forgive me for I have sinned (and I’m gonna do it again).

Selfish, inane, insincere displays of regret to avoid a non-existent realm of eternal, infernal punishment.

And what’s the hallmark of these ones without principles to guide them?

They have a meaningless plight.

The chaotic choreography of their lives will spiral them into nothing.

It’s such a senseless, unnecessary tragedy.

Borne of being irreverent to the extreme and Highest Power.

But my fingers and heart are uncrossed; there’s no need for them to be as I’ve never been one for resting on luck and credulity anyway.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in about 5 minutes in response to a "Poetry Challenge" on another site. I was given 10 words, and I had to write a poem using the words in order, one word in each verse. This is the result. I like it.

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