Reciprocal Provision

Reciprocal Provision©


I've got a proposition 

That I make with utmost precision

There's no room for proviso or revision

So before you make a decision 

You'll need to rid your mind of all presupposition 

Relativity is an illusion so there's no such thing as pre or postposition. 

There's only you standing here providing new definition to the phrase limited edition. 

That's why I've been on a quest--an intense search and rescue mission. 

And what I found was you at the end of my expedition. 

I see great promise in you to be a talented musician

One that would beautifully play the notes of my composition. 

So if your heart is whole, without division

Then follow me--I'm the one in pole position

There's only danger for those that succumb to distraction and indecision 

But if you heed my admonition, you'll experience a transcendent metaphysical head-on collision

And your synapses and cells will enervate and  explode as they undergo nuclear fission. 

It requires mental circumcision and complete control of your cognition. 

The consequence of omission is metaphorical abscission. 

So if it's your volition to share what I envision,

You needn't ask permission or be plagued by doubt and suspicion. 

Guilt and shame are superfluous so we can make a disposition of all vows of contrition. 

Let me rephrase for emphasis and repetition:

You won't be held in derision for aligning yourself to my coalition

Let's make this thing official and bring this union to fruition. 

I promise it'll be painless--a smooth and seamless transition. 

I'm your truest north not a mere apparition 

As soon as you release your inhibition and drop the partition, we'll create a glorious juxtaposition

Easing the way toward a blindingly incendiary emission. 

Ignore the opposition from haters that don't understand our instant recognition. 

We overrule their writs of prohibition. 

Follow your intuition. 

Make a full commission. 

Sign your name without condition

And become my most prized acquisition.

You've been handed the golden ticket that grants behind-the-scenes admission to this exclusive exhibition. 


You are now a supplicant at the church of ME--yes I'm your new religion. 

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