I Hold The Power


I hold the power,

everything's in my hands.

At the top of my tower,

I make the plans.


Am I benevolent,

will I be nice?

I'm wise like an elephant,

but so cold, like ice.


I won't give you praise,

I won't give you love,

there won't be a pay raise,

from the power above.


I have no soul,

my heart is black,

dark as coal,

and kindness, I lack.


I won't be surprised,

if they decide to revolt.

I will be alive,

as they fill me with jolts.


They let out a cheer,

which will chill me forever;

but at least they are here,

and I brought them together.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Almost missed today, but I wasn't feeling to great today so I spent a majority of my day in bed. Still, the posts are still coming. This piece was kind of my look at some old monarchys in the past, or an idea for a story of mine. As always, criticism is welcome and appreciated.

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I like this poem or what ever you may call it. were you inspired by that one movie? where the german guy/war hero shoots 216 or so men from a tower? 


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Thank you for viewing,

Thank you for viewing, actually I was sitting in my world history class and thought this up during a lecture.