A Certain Kind of Madness



A beatific smile ever-present on her lips, if hers was a madness then he wanted in. Through her eyes the world was a magical place, aglow and sparkling with wonder. She had none of the desperation or anxiety he saw in others and indeed felt himself. Nary a trace of vileness or cruelty, never a contentious word did she speak nor a look of dismay furrow her brow. How had she weathered so many moons yet retain her childlike innocence, remain unjaded and joyful? How does she steer clear of the plagues, pestilence and pain that afflict humanity? He didn't know but he wanted to.

They stood at the edge of Mirror lake. In the twilight dawn, luminous mist in suspense over the water, a rainbow trout breached the glossy surface flipping in an arc, then splashed down. She laughed, a delighted mirth echoing along the vale. The fish vaulted again & again. Was it performing just for her? A group of antelope then emerged from the forest, a large buck leading a pair of does and their young, nonchalant, dipping into the tarn for morning refreshment. A family of red foxes approached unafraid and joined the two of them, the kits frolicking rambunctious at their feet. As she bent down to rub furry ears and tickle pink bellies he understood. She was one with everything and everything, in turn, was one with her.


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