Eidolon's Tricks



What consolation to wake and remember

   this is all just a dream - the sleeping

   the waking the night the day the sunrising

   the sunsetting and the everything in

   between - all of the opppsites, all just

   a dream 

Eidolon does not want me to wake up

   because then it would be out of a job

It lobs firebombs of fear and sinks

   minefields of doubt all around me,

   trying to terrorize me back into the delusion

But I am familiar with its strategies

   and this time it will not work


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Januarian's picture

Although I know nothing of

Although I know nothing of your background, and it is none of my business to know, I truly believe this poem resonates with real, lived experience, with the kind of wisdom that emerges from such an experience.  Thank you for posting this.


[* /+/ ^]

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Thank YOU Friend:)

Grateful for your understanding _()_

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You are welcome, and thank

You are welcome, and thank you for posting the poem.  I applaud your verbal skills.


[* /+/ ^]