A Bowl of Rice



A bowl of rice is all that stands between

   me and Death... or maybe not

Many have gone longer on less and a rare

   few go on nothing and live to tell about it

An Aboriginal man once told me that people

   eat food because they have forgotten how

      to be nourished by The-All-That-Is

A Hopi woman once told me that eating is a

   social activity not a physical need

A Tibetan lama once told me that the body

   is manufactured by the mind and that

      hunger is an emotional problem 

Food for thought


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patriciajj's picture

I love the metaphysical

I love the metaphysical viewpoints from different traditions and the intriguing questions it raises: Are physical needs just a matter of focus? What are we capable of when we are in connection with our True Selves? Enjoyed this immensely. I will certainly be returning to your site. 

DSR.Summar's picture

Thanks so much patriciajj!

Thank You for visiting and come again soon:)