A Single Tear


My rating for this poem: ****

(*-pure crap, **-Not so Great, ***-Farely decent, ****- Excellent, *****- Outstanding)

As he hung on the cross, bleeding to death

As he hung on the cross, with his very last breath

“father forgive them, they know not what they do”

A single tear he wept for you.

His body looked lifeless, his eyes looked dead

His feet were torn, and the thorns were blood red

But his soul was not crushed, through all the while

His lips were turned in an upward smile.

He saw all the world, as he hung there, for hours

He saw all the world, saw the sweet and the sour

And with every passing moment of time,

The ounces of blood paid for our crimes.

He thought about all of the world, as he hung

He thought about every passing moment

And every caustic word that he heard

Only made him stronger.

They spit and laughed, at his rugged old cross

The mocked his delicate ways, and they paused

‘Till one man carried his cross through the streets

And the echoes were heard, as the nails hit his feet.

They would tear his clothes, he would give them God’s robe

They would show him nails, he would give them the globe

They anointed his head with a wreath of thorns

And as payback, Jesus would make them reborn.

And the pain he felt, the agony dealt

As he hung on that rugged old cross

The world flashing by, he was destined to die

He is the Shepard, to see were not lost.

And as the world flew before his eyes,

Only a single tear he cried

He looked to the heaven’s, the sky so blue

As the lord shed a single tear for you.

And hanging there, hanging, his life almost wrung

The last words shouted out from his lungs:

“Father forgive them, they know not what they do”

As he shed a single tear for you.

His body drug down, and mangled through

Angel’s on wings surely flew

And the last stream of love that came from his eye

Was a single teardrop, for YOU, the lord cried.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done

So take the tear, from God’s own son

Give us this day our daily bread,

And remember the very last words that he said.

“Father forgive them, they know not what they do”

A single tear was shed for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope to make this into a song.  My friends and I are forming a Christian band soon, and this would make a good song to sing.  (Don't judge me by my looks... I don't look like a compassionate caring person, but looks are decieving)

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Baybee Klownette's picture

WoW! I'm blown away! I've checked out afew of your poems and wow, keep the wild work up! You have a strong talent and mind when it comes to writing poems! I would love to see more work of yours. Yer, there's plenty here but, it would be nice too see you still writing your poems, songs and short stories.

Well brother, til next time.. keep them coming and take it easy.. but take it!

Baybee Klownette *^_^*