Heron Clan Reading: June 20. 2021

Victorian Shilhouettes

Like Victorian silhouettes

Framed inches apart,

They danced,

Hovering in each other’s breath,


Catching in the lungs,

The air from the other,

Through the dance.


Lips, and mouths,

Inches apart,

They slow danced

In the breath of the other,


Locking into

A dance, a style,

They had danced before 














































Name Your Addiction




it steals your soul

you live in the shadow of regret

it blacks you out

to what you have done
then you spend the light
saying you're sorry
it steals your soul
it kills you with dispair.



The Daddy The Dentist

The Daddy, the dentist, said,

“I’ll just take a look,"

The dangling tooth

in his hand.

A screech and a run

To mommy she cried, “He’s done it.

“He’s done it, he's done it,



And the time as a child

Of three, dangling, as she did, from the

May pole swing,

Daddy stitched her up

When her small hands failed

“Like a doll. Like a doll,

He stitched me up like a doll.”

Not speaking to him for a week.



The earache at eight

Daddy soothed with warm air

Channeled from his breath.

And the tugboat horn he would


to keep her from crying,

All night he would repeat,

Till she fell fast asleep.

(hooo, hooo)


And the worse of it all

When red candy she sought,

She found instead, The Vitamin Bottle,

sugar coated and tasty,

The tattle tell brother, the

Trip to the hospital,

They ask you a question, then

shove water through your nose.



"Don’t you know these are poisionous?"

"Don’t you know you could die?"

"No, I’m only seven, tell me what is die?"

The cracked head

On the nightstand,

A round of murder in the dark

And the fountain of blood

When the light switch is found.


The daughter of the dentist

Scars, bumps, bruises and lumps

Born on a Tuesday

Grace seemed to forget.

But Daddy was there

To stitch and to kiss

Except for one furrow

Right there, between the brow.


Thank God for Daddies.



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