Heron Clan Reading Nov 15

Captured Light

Captured light

In a pen.


On paper

To pronounce




How to divide

A word or world.


Just say what you 


Capture it in ink

It will disperse,

It will fracture.


I've spent a life of time


What I think not fair

Lives are not fair

Lies are not either

But believe the lies

or see the side

the lies reside on.


It kills the captured light

Don't go back

Please dont go back

How can anyone believe

Lives are not equal?

My prejudice shows through

with that statement

As long as you think like I think

Lives are equal

We'll never be equal

Tolerant, hopeful

I can't condemn someone

For thinking as they do

Then lives won't be equal.




Slightly anticipating the tiny clock in her head,

She rolled over and followed the dream back to its world.
Random players, spoke random wisdom 
In the nerve ending warmth of the down comforter.
Melt flesh to the fibers of the mattress till it jars you to wake,
Hitting bottom of the float in a grinding stop 
of daylight. 
















i’d Say


I‘d say I miss him,

but he’s never around to miss.
I’d say I’d kiss him,
but he’s never around to kiss.
I’d say I love him,
But he’s never there to be loved. 
Available to kiss,
Willing to be missed. 
Open to be loved. 
I’d love to miss his kisses, 
But they aren’t mine,
To miss.

On the Table

I look at your hand,

Lying , resting, quiet on the table,

Resting, lying quiet on the wood,

And I want to crawl

Between your fingers.

I want to climb

Into that spot that marries up to

Mine, when we hold hands,                                    

Loosely when we stroll,

So they move like reeds on the beach

Responding to a wind or turn of the path.

Or, snug with that wrap around clasp I like,

Where I anchor my small around your

Strong index,

Wrist to wrist to feel your heart beat.

Or, warm and passive in the

Movie light flicker, fragrant from popcorn

And love making.

I look at your hand,

And lay mine there, resting, quiet

On the table,

Resting, lying quiet

On the wood.


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