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Do You Really Wanna Know? Truth Is a Bullet



Captured in light,

My feelings come true.

The malcontent I feel,
Is aimed directly at you.


I’m kidding myself when I say, I...
I don’t know, I just...
I just don’t know. Cuz I 
Do...know. I do know oh so well.


It's a hard feeling
Captured in the light
It's a hard light, in
Capturing a feeling. 


I just don’t love, the way

I want to love. 
Lost in emotions,
Given in selflessness.


But you asked me,
You asked
And it’s a slippery feeling, friend 
To say it out loud.


So I’m kidding myself when I say,
I don’t know,
Cuz I do know, I do...
I know oh, so well.


I don’t love you
The way that I want to love
Never felt the singing. 
No weakness in my heart.


But you’re holding the gun,

when you ask,

So you best be sure
You want to shoot straight
Cuz when its over, it's over

I'll be gone.


So here goes,


I love you, I love you
I really do care
But I’m faking it, faking it

Please... go away.





The You of This World


I need a lover, a mirror, a reflector
to see me truly. 
I need you.
I need an army, a battalion, a fortress
to fight my battles.
I need you.
I need the world to lay quiet for a day,
For an hour,
Til I find you.
I need life to chose sides, and always
Pick me
First, above all.
I need you
Lover, friend to always be there,
Reside with me, bid with me, side with me
I need you.
Who would that be,
You must know by now.
The you of this world
Has to be me.

                      -Nov, 1989


 I am worried about my heart

I worry about my heart. 
Not the ticking,
The ticking, 
The tick, tick, ticking
But the breaking,
The breaking,
The break, break, breaking
Like glass

It stays out there, 
I hold it in my hand...
You? Do you? Do you want it?
I ask?
How about you? Do you? Do you want it?
I ask again.

I worry about my heart.

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