Shrimp Dinner

Crazy Cosmos


There must be an exchange of grace

between our little selves and heaven

to properly weave through anew

the triumphant maze of progress.

And yet there can be no mistake.

Bees busily make honey for a reason.

Perplexed, we venture beyond nature.

We follow blurry beginnings into

neverending tasks and stifled laughter

to the gate of fate. And we wallow like

bloated whales stuffed with shrimp dinner.

Paddle the wood canoe. Ripple a wake.

Everything is in its own proper place,

no matter. Make a destined move and

either fail or prevail, caged in Giant Jail.

The Chess Master moves us pawns

perhaps even to simply mow the lawn,

perhaps even to sing a sweet song.

Perfectly in praise, we shrug and go.


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georgeschaefer's picture

well executed.  I do like The

well executed.  I do like The Chess Master moves us pawns

perhaps even to simply mow the lawn,

Pungus's picture

Thanks for stopping by

You post such frequent gems,

empowered in a refreshing new-age style,

so it is nice to have your compliment.

georgeschaefer's picture

I enjoy your writing. I don't

I enjoy your writing. I don't always comment as much as I should because I sometimes get self-conscious about advising others on how to write.  Keep pumping the work out.  I know I have a lot of material but the works I have posted here date back to 1981.  I've been playing this game for 4 decades and I haven't figured out anything better to do with my time.

Pungus's picture

You are entertaining

You are inspiring to me

because of your uninspiring attitude.

You manage to pull it off.


Update: I share the same timidity

particularly in detailing a comment too.

Januarian's picture

This poem has all the

This poem has all the Symbolist virtues that I have described in some other comments on your excellent work, so I will not be repetitious here (although I will advise any who read this comment to look up the other poems in which you demonstrate these literate skills).  I will, however, applaud your coy, almost teasing, use of rhyme (internal in the fifteenth line).  Each of your poems that I comment on extends my admiration of your poetic accomplishment.


[* /+/ ^]

Pungus's picture

OCD to the extreme

Every vignette you message is so divinely delicate.


Januarian's picture

Thank you, but, of course,

Thank you, but, of course, any merit in my comments on your poems has been inspired by the poems themselves.


[* /+/ ^]