Nobody Else

I can't really explain,

What you do to my body,

And you're nowhere around

But I want whatever you're offering,

Remembering the touch of your fingers when you used to rub them up my arm,

I'm supposed to be out of love with you, wtf is going on,

I don't want nobody else, nobody else

I want you all to myself, all to myself,

I'm taking this energy and putting it to somebody else,

Because us together is too much of a wreck,

Holding myself, It hurts, I just wanna release,

You inside me, across the country, I want you deep,

I can't believe I'm back here, 

What's happening to me,

Feeling the same like I did back then,

Why in the hell am I wanting my friend,

I'm fighting my mind, fighting my mind,

I need to refocus, get back to my grind,

She grinding on me, I wish it was you,

I fuck her real good because I can't have you,

Throwing myself into it, fucking her the way I wanna put it to you,

Curling her toes, 

I wish it was you, wish it was you,

I wish it was you, wish it was you.


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maybe you`re still in love

maybe you`re still in love and miss him

ron parrish