(7 seconds) 7 seconds, she'll be back again,

My eyes wonder under moist eye-lids,

how long till she knows im here,

When she realizes I click my heels and disappear,

I want to be her homie, lover, friend,

I cant decide which one is more pleasing,

So I puff out my chest around her so she'll dismiss me,

Mind running rapid,

I hope she doesnt judge me for these things I cant control from happening,

Mellow soul, I want to grab her breast while shes in control,

On top of me, where I want her, in my dreams thats where she belongs,

I wish I could tell her this, and after she tells me shes in love too and we share a kiss,

But I'm too nervous to tell her how I feel,

So I watch it in my mind until it feels real.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this long ago for you. ENJOY