Sins of the Rich/Plague of the Poor


A lost art in words, gains a million new voices.


As a generation splits and folds and divorces.


Its parents who broke up the families of millions.


And created a single-parent driven decision.


To raise up a brand new multi-generation void of.


Fathers who work with any aim and mothers who


Care for any gain in the prosperity of their youth.


Short term gains for long term losses, a new generation.


Is killed by their losses. While Wall Street profits rise and increase.


On the backs of the slaves with broken families and no tolerance.


The corporate enterprise lobbies proliferate the special interests.


Whose wealth fails to obligate them to the


Sins they portray as okay and applicable and seemingly doable.


But the sins of the wealthy are way too expensive as they


Obliterate the families of the working poor and middle class.


Drugs, Sex and Violence, expensive sins whose effects cannot be mitigated.


Slavery to debt, and oftentimes at the hands of someone else, your neighbor, digging a pit


For you as they sin.

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An Economics Lesson

a course in social stratafication, an op ed on global economies, and the vanishing of the middle - kudos  (& welcome to PostPoems) ~allets~