Hanging by a thread

There are days where I’m hanging by a thread

Never to escape the dread in my head

Days when I feel like I’d be better off dead

Days when the pain from the past, kills me from words that were said

Times when the drugs don’t work anymore

When the road I’ve traveled doesn’t make sense, choices were poor 

And the sky makes me cry no matter how blue

Where even my friends and family don’t see what I’m going through

And prayers for God’s answer, seem to fall on deaf ears

And it doesn’t seem real, time has passed all these years

While all that I loved stopped coming around

All I can wear, is a smile upside down

When I realize, time waits for no one, not even me

Truth knows I tried, and to God I plea

“I’m ready now Lord....if you’ll have me”

Copyright Dennis Hicks 2020

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saiom's picture

a powerful poem


Perhaps tens of millions in the US would echo these sentiments... especially those with agonizing

physical, mental, emotional or spiritual suffering.  God bless you and all sentient beings... and

God materialize nonviolent foo and zillions of trees, shelter, clothing, protection from freezing an sweltering for all