How I learned I was black



I was 5 when I first learned I was black

1st grade 2nd grade something like that

It wasn’t a big issue, just a fact

As long as I had my juice box, when It came time for snack

Even as a child I knew, that I wasn’t right

My hair much more curly, giving me less insight

Everyone who looks like me, must be less bright

The best future for me in sports or limelight 

If I’m lucky ill be famous, as long as my rhymes tight

But lets be real....when you look like me, there’s no real future in sight

At least that’s what I learned when I found out I was black

And unfortunately for me there was no turning back

But I cried and I tried cuz I wanted to be

Anybody and everybody that didn’t look like me

Because there was something held back, when they told me "Your black" 

Somehow the history , it fell off track

You see my 5year old self didn’t know I was caring with me

Hundreds of years of pain and agony

My 5year old self didn’t know the psychology

Of the hurt of generations within my community

My 5year old self couldn’t pay respect

To the slaves that built this country on their backs

Couldn't even pay honor; to those who had to fight

Just so I could have basic human rights

You see its far easier to believe it’s a lack of trying, a lack of ambition

As opposed to a socially constructed set of conditions

If only i could go back in time, and meet 5year old me

First I would say she cute, tell her to follow her dreams

Let her know she's not allowed to have low shelf esteem

As I'm  pulling her aside, looking deep in those beautiful brown eyes          

Telling her, girl you are intelligent and beautiful, you know things like that

Most importantly remember you are far more then just black!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Im really happy that this poem came to me tonight im  really digging it lol 3/11/13

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