Begennings and Endings

In the beginning when it starts
We never want to part
We laugh and compare all day
How we mutually feel this way
You say how much you love my spontaneity
You tell me not to hide encourage me to be
You take my deepest fears and tell me not to run
You cuddle me at night cuz im your honey bun
You make me feel your arms are my safe place in this world
I never once doubt that im such a lucky girl
They years pass on and on till it finally comes that day
We realize we’ve grown apart and head off in separate ways
The worst part my dear… is that you were my only plan
I wrapped my hopes and dreams in the essence of a man
Now im sitting here wondering where the years have gone
Pouring my glass of wine replaying old romantic songs
The days now in the past
Where I thought this love would last
I don’t even know if we can now be friends
But as we know if theres a beginning theres an end …..hold up!!!
Im tired of feeling sad so depressed and down
Im sick of the lines formed of my face from this frown
I fucked it up just as much as you I now know that’s a fact
Fuck it im done with relationships ill live a happy life with my cats
They always love me they always care they always fix my mood
And all that they require is some water and top quality food
I beg dear Buddha let me come back as something less inclined
It would be nice to come back happy in the body of a feline
I have no more to say im done with this
Goodbye peace out ill no longer exist!

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