High School

If you're supposed to keep your friends close

And your enemies closer

Waht happens when you don't have any friends?

Are you supposed to cleave to yourself?

Do you run and hide

Or live your life

Do you try and see

"What's happening to me?"

Are you alone and afraid

Or sufficient and brave?

I'm alone and I'm okay with that knowledege


What will the future hold?

A lifetime of alone and lonely

Years filled wht bliss?

Is it good or bad?

I'm somewhat saddened by that

The fact

That I am in essence alone


Am I lonely? I dont think so

I'm not so sure wow!

My life is going down

I will miss the fun and laughter

The games and the fun

The times i felt i was number one


I shall never forget the pain

The lies the shame

I will never forget the laughs

And the time I spent crying

I will never forget you! And your deceitful lying

i shall never forget and I dont want to

it will help me grow

Make am better, help me to see

I have only ME

I am brave and strong

I can stand all alone

I dont have to have things happen to me

I am no longer the vicitm

I can win

I will succeeded

my mind is set

Never turning back

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is how I fetlt abotu my life at the time!

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