Dead Sea Scrolls and Jesus

Just a thought!

According to scholars studying the Dead Sea Scrolls, (which were used to create, The Hebrew Bible),

They now say the text with Jesus says..." Jesus was a son of God"  (not "The Son of God") They state,

read in context the meaning is clear, Jesus was a "believer" of God" and a good Christain man.

These scrolls translated into "The Bible" with  "The Son of God" was incorrect.

Then, they created the whole, "Trinity" thing...Father, Son, Holy Spirit....and Religions were created by it.

Thousands upon thousands were put to death who would not accept the teachings.(Facts in History.)

The Religion ruled the land. You practiced it, believed it, paid taxes for it, left or died.

Now, it's been in belief for ages, everyone wants to dispute the claims of the scholars.

Oh my, what would Vatican City do? All the religions created, Rulers and Clergy now deposed...

Will there be Anarchy?    .........Never happen!   People will always need something to believe in, some

Higher power for which to pray...some Holy being to rescue them from Life.

All facts will be ignored... Nobody seeks "Truth." ...People couldn't handle, "It's just us, were on our own."

Anyway, people will continue to believe what they want to believe........myself, I believe in "Tinker Bell."


                                                                             "Happy Easter"

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"Dead Sea Scrolls and Jesus"

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