no is a very powerful instrument

whose initial reaction

often generates a negative connotation.


but that's selling no short.


no emulates a command for the docile mind

it's a necessary counter for undesirable 'yesses'


no allows the most skittish thoughts 

to flourish

that too often get trampled along our journey.


no denotes self-authenticity in a world of tempestous

or drone-like



We follow these beaten paths

that exist before us

despite the infinite opportunities to roam freely

We allow others to set our coordinates

because nothing else has worked up to this point.

but they dictate

rather than nurture

our freedom on our behalf.


Well fuck that noise


'Yes' is the key to abundance 

but 'no' is the key to value


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thought provoking   Thank you

thought provoking


Thank you for being on site

Please invite your writing friends to join us here



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Yes Sir, absolutely!

Yes Sir, absolutely!

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Thank you :)

Thank you :)

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Sht The Noise

Just say no - "agreeance" good word.



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Thank you :) 

Thank you :)