Stale Boy


You may not know me as a polite boy
But I've been nice for far too long
I cannot accept this purgatory
I will not shackle what needs to be freed


I need love
I need acceptance,
as the rest of you
I need confirmation that my foundations are of sound mind and heart


How will I conduct this revolution, you might ask?


I'm not quite sure of the events that will transpire...


...but I know the roots of confidence are paramount
and the hands must be worn to the core
if I want to make a change
in this stale boy today

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AngryLaughter's picture

If I may ask...

What was the shelf life like?

deepblue's picture

Before my patience expired

Before my patience expired (ha!) the shelf life was a mixed bag... great for personal freedom, lousy for connecting to others..and I like both of those elements in my life in some form of a harmonious balance (as most do, I tend to believe) 


But from here, what is meant to be, will be...and I try not to put so much weight on the premise of romantic love meaning so much.  I hope this answers your question and that I didn't completely miss the point of what you asked haha, take care