I (Never) Cheated


Far too often, despite lovers' bind

their heart assumes the worst in you

Recalling their own shadowy mind

projecting the smear campaign as truth


My actions speak without regrettable intent

despite my mind not fearing a tiff

I bathe in justice despite the lament

and patch the unnecessary rift


With words of resolve and assurance,

amid knowledgeable concern, yet no defiance

I offered currency of concurrence

evoking currents of pulsing reliance


Fully aware of our once lively

but over time, more muted communication

Understanding my words need distillery

Purification for enhanced reverberation


Over time, you mastered a lifeless pain in your eyes

ocular razors channeling messages to frayed tongue

A weighty trust decaying in a balance of lies

today, spirit bound by another loved one

Your reserve, disconnect is documented

either way, the connection remains frayed

but wait..


...self-honesty emerges in solitary



You made the right call.


I had it all wrong..

I never cheated on your body

heart, soul, or passions

but I cheated on your love

and didn't know 'til you revoked the rations


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    Very well written and



Very well written and wrly humourus this poem. I just loved your creation here. I hope there was a good resolution for you and your partner after the slander campaign; it's awful isn't it when your loved one goes on and on and losses all sense of the situation. Very entertaining poem.