Daz the Druid's Creed


I believe in one creator consciousness
Of which I constitute a small part
Creator of the Multiverse
Of all that is seen and unseen
I believe that Master Jesus
Was, like me a son of man
And we are all the sons and daughters of god
All eternally begotten of the creator
Through us, all things were made
For us and for our salvation
Master Jesus was incarnate into
A physical body. He was not crucified under
Pontius Pilate, simply exiled to France
Where he had three wives and thirteen
Children. The truth is not in the scriptures,
As the founders of western organized
Religion needed a death for their death cult.
He will not again in glory, another meytreya will come
with a Positive message of peace and love.
I believe that the holy spirit is a figment of
The church’s imagination, then again, I believe
That Master Jesus was never the only christed one;
Master Jesus left Christ in every single one of us,
our job is to wake it up; the whole truth is not in
the scriptures.
I believe worship and glorification must start
Within each and every one of us all, as part
Of the creator must look to our inner church,
before getting sucked into any dogma or doctrine.
I believe in the prophets, though some were
Drugged and manipulated; Isiah especially
I do not believe in one Holy Catholic and
Apostolic Church. The Catholic Church
Have traditionally persecuted and killed any
Group which go against their power structure,

and the age of consent in the vatican is 12
Many of the apostles good words have been
Doctored to suit the ends of organized
Religion; Master Jesus never wanted a formal
Church anyway. No need to look for the
Resurrection of the dead, it’s in front of your
Eyes, shame the church doesn’t give credence
to two way communication.
And life of the world to come: No Fear

No Original sin, we were born not guilty


peace x

Author's Notes/Comments: 

everyone should write their own creed to their own inner church

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