my ode to the pole shift in March next year

current affairs

Here’s a little ditty I wrote

about the future need for boats

earth’s poles are shifting

and when finally flipping

will drag the poles away

from the coldest days

so they will melt away

and cause large tsunami's

putting 200ft on sea levels

will cause some dwellers hell


don’t just take my words for

gospel, you have your own door

to the truth I am seeing

coastal towns many leaving

if you can quieten your mind

such an art is so sublime

that’s meditation to most

especially if you live on the coast


take the word key/pey/bey

meditate on them one day

this will take you forward in time

so picture your fave coastline

in 12 months I bet you see

complete flooding definitely

the media ain’t telling the truth

cos they are run by the uncouth

the future is inside of you

as is every single truth


love you

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