My ode to self centeredness


My ode to self centeredness

is all about circumstances

which don't matter a jot

it isn't about the size of your lot

or how your teeth gleam

its all about your state of being


this is your vibration inside

depends on how you enjoy your life

and how you deal with things

that normally cause suffering

you can easy turn them around

instantly erase any frowns


The Buddha's developed a way

to instantly brighten any day

described as non-attachment

to your fruits of your action

Even master Jesus did agree

attachment's no good for you and me


This is a universal law which

cannot be ducked, any of it

when a person finds his life

gets attached like would do a wife

but its this very attachment that leads

to a loss of life eventually


cos if too attached to something

which causes you some buzzing

and that gets lost or stolen

only one word for it; Heartbroken

and if the items irreplaceable

self generating a personal hell


loss mashes you up inside

and really screws you up one's life

only if you really let it

better an attitude of 'don’t give a shit'

cos your state of beings maintained

and your joy is truly framed


DNA only regenerates when

in a state of bliss: This is proven

and remember nothing can last

the test of centuries past

love is the only thing that has

infinite quality and permanence


the oldest man-made thing on earth

is only aged 21,000 years

and this hasn't been found yet

would be as spectacular as Tibet

not everyone has found love too

as it stands this is the only truth

as well as making both me and you



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