My ode to Eduardo Saverin



Greetings Eduardo how do you do?

I just had to write a poem to you

been going through Forbes list

of billionaires to see what gives


I'd never heard of you before

though also i'd never read Forbes

Reading this list I came to you

reading about billionaire blues

and how you look for start ups

though charity's out of luck


your having some good ideas

though thinking isn't free and clear

And I know why this is so

got a hold of you your ego

shaped by education; perception

this system just isn't heaven


I am in the 99% for sure

whilst you live it up in Singapore

A tax exile from the states

from the frying pan to the fire grate

your in a spiritual part of the world

the perfect place to blossom; unfurl


spirituality is really the way

though I don't mean church on Sunday

the Christian religion is a sham

they are sat in a spiritual frying pan

I don't have answers, just some keys

for you to sit more comfortably

in that physical body of yours

as well as even up some scores


I have access to Akashic information

which can be used to help nations

start up capital will be required

to turn around some existing mires

in return you will receive

quality information from the divinity


this information is total insight

about who is wrong and who is right

and what everyone is thinking too

this information could really help you

but it will also help humanity

wrestle this world from insanity


I have concepts and plans too

happy to share the lot with you

I feel like Brewster and his millions

not so crazy ideas make billions

my gene pool is quality too

put 'CAPTAIN ORGANIC' into google


bet your wondering 'why me'

I didn't pick you, the divinity

told me that you were restless

the blues just isn't heaven sent (apart from that)








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