My ode to simon Lim

My ode to Simon Lim


Greetings Simon how do?

Had to write a poem to you

about recent goings on

new staff from Kazakhstan

bonus problems too

bound to be causing blues


I don't know ins and outs

all I know the bluebird devout

must all be a bit twichy

that of course including me

we want our love boat sailing

plainly to ensure our prevailing


we trust the Echo for

all our stories, gossip, more

and when they say a key man

replaced by youth from Kazakhstan

with no footballing experience

come on Simon What gives?


I’m talking about Ian Moody

lot to thank him for; a key

to bringing quality to us

without him, maybe less luck

who knows?, sounds quite bad

replacing him with a mate, and lad


you only have to look at the Toon

everyone thinks Mike Ashley's a loon

for appointing his mate a director

shades of that, wont get us far

don't think he's signed anybody

not the only football club parody


Inexperience, just causes strife

especially in the premiership life

If you don't know what your doing

that just causes trouble brewing

Ask Blackburn and Toon, nepotism

all it causes is a schism


Mr Lim are you prepared to?????

flush your Bosses investment down the loo

to employ inexperience: knee jerk

to unsettle our manager: berzerk!

get a grip on this situation now

and to nepotism do not cow tow  



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