my dad's illustrious war record posted here temporarily




Stormy was in the Home guard between May 1940 and August 1941. signed up in September 1941 for the regular Navy and served 6 and a half years. Prior to his drafting he had never been to Cardiff, and the first time he saw the city was on his way to HMS Royal Arthur in Skegness, only 2 days after his sisters wedding.


HMS Bermuda- Colony Class light Cruiser

His 'battle station' on HMS Bermuda was 6 inch gunner


1942 North Africa campaign, including Operation Torch, as part of the 10th Cruiser Squadron. With HMS Sheffield. During this encounter, he witnessed the bridge of HMS Roberts being blown up. Many months later, On returning to his home town for shore leave, he found out one of his best friends was on that very bridge


Part of Force H during the Allied Invasion of Normandy, attacked a small coastal fort, where both came under attack from Italian torpedo bombers. 


landing at Bougie, Bone Harbour and managed to escape heavy air attacks by Stuka dive bombers unscathed. 



1943 Escort ships in the Bay of Biscay


1943 Whilst HMS Bermuda was being refitted 1943/4, assigned to HMS Magpie temporarily, serving alongside Prince Philip 


transported men and supplies to Spitsbergen. 


Escorted the Queen Mary with Churchill on board for his meeting with Roosevelt through very poor weather


1944 Re-Joined HMS Bermuda.


anti-submarine operations against German U boats operating in the Bay of Biscay, and the North Atlantic. 


Arctic Convoys


1943-4 9 Arctic convoys, numerous other actions. Once famously, the Bermuda faked fires on deck to look badly damaged, in order to get to Malta without further attack.


1945. Australia for exercises post refit. Whilst in Sydney, news reached the ship of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 

and the subsequent surrender of Japan. Found the Australian people very friendly, they helped with food parcels and cigarettes. Bermuda then sailed for the Philippines. Stormy volunteered to be a part of the Royal Marine Gun crews on 4" deck guns, where most would not volunteer due to 'kamikaze' attacks.


She then became part of an operation to recover allied prisoners of war from the previously occupied Japanese territories.


On 6 September Bermuda was attacked by Japanese aircraft, apparently unaware of the end of the war, or otherwise unwilling to surrender. 

Bermuda fought off the attack and was able to continue on her way. 


She then transported allied prisoners of war to Shanghai for repatriation.


Returned in 1946 on HMS Arbiter. stationed at HMS Drake (now HMNB Devonport), then HMS Defiance, torpedo training school. At defiance, they wanted him to sign on for another 4 years which he declined


Represented the Navy at Football, Rugby and Table Tennis


Immediately joined the Royal Naval Reserve. HMS Cambria Cardiff and Penarth. Worked his way up to Chief Petty Officer. Special dispensation sought by HMS Cambria year after year, past 60 years of age, and still my father was Wardroom Mess Manager at HMS Cambria Sully at 86 years of age


Upon leaving the regular Navy, he immediately enlisted in the Royal Naval Reserve, Attached to the Shore Base HMS Cambria


Numerous sea duties. Present at the HMS Fittleton disaster in 1976. It made him so sad that the ship he was on just could not get there in time, having received the Red Cross Medal and bars for jumping into icy seas off Iceland to pick up survivors


officially retired from the RNR in 1986, which ended his sea career, but simply put the word 'retired' after his name and carried on being the Wardroom Mess Manager. Even a heart attack in 2002 didn't stop stormy from continuing his duties, which were only ended by further heart problems in 2008


married Mary in 1949, married for 64 years and survived by her.


two full trials for Cardiff City. Due to his age, they wanted to sign him on amateur forms, but he could not afford to do that. Illustrious football career with Services A, Cogan B, Penarth Hibs, Penarth extras, Lovells Athletic.


Full medal list


39-45 Star

Atlantic Star

Italian Star

Burma Star

Africa Star

North African Clasp

Pacific Clasp

Victory medal

Queens Silver Jubilee Medal

British Empire Medal

Long service RNR and clasp

Red Cross medal and bars

Russia commemorative medal 45-85

Russia Commemorative Medal 45-95

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