my poem to David Cameron entitled Arctic Star


Greetings Mr Cameron, How do?

Had to write a poem to you

its about the Arctic Star

time has gone on too far

Veterans loosing last battles

many falling from the saddle

of life, after some amazing feats

serving Queen and Country


Let me tell you about Stormy

Did nine perilous journeys

to Archangel and Bear Island

as icey as the highlands

on board HMS Bermuda

a warm place, named after

Dads story made news there too

60 below and the ice accrue


His funeral, respects were paid

It was like armed forces day

standards being carried proud

military honours he was endowed

the navy was his other family

Involved past his 86th birthday

a heart attack never stopped him

Queen and country serving


Eulogy by Captain Sir Norman

Edwards, he loved recalling

times my father had with him

and of the Royal Family serving

He used to cook them breakfast

When at Sir Norman's as a Guest

Princes, and Princesses too

all got my fathers service; true


Ironic because Dad was posted

on the Magpie with Prince Philip

Did upset my father sometimes

weren’t allowed to pick up survivors

The Prince, more important than them 

Queen could’ve been without her husband

my dad was totally without any fear

dived in once to such freezing water


His ship was kamikaze'd after wars end

he volunteered, deck guns attend

when everyone wanted to go below

the mark of the man dont you know

he fell over and broke his hip

more perilous things on the ship

worse things happen at sea he said

was lucky, the war, didnt end up dead


Im glad veterans getting their gongs


Prince Michael due to present dads

he found out, and was so glad

the axis couldn't kill him at all

shame was result of a fall

please hurry this matter up for dad

sitting in heaven would be glad

his passing was not in vain

91, an amazing innings anyway

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