My ode to Rhod Gilbert




hey Rhod how do you do?

Had to write a poem to you

lisened to you sunday

at heath Hospital sadly

went to visit my dad

in his final days, glad

his suffering now ceased

in a better place definately.


Veteran of the second world war

tho his company never a chore

impacted on everyone he met

day before yesterday heaven sent

so forgiving, understanding too

and would never turn down a brew

selfless till the bitter end

our loss is the gain of heaven

'Stormy' Lovegrove was his name

now not in the ball game



i knew his days were few

when i listened to you

the song you played by James

got my heart strings definately

sometimes, when i look

deep in your eyes, i swear

I can see your soul

very apt don't you know


I thank you for your choice

of music, given me voice

kept me strong in our loss

to circumstance a little gloss

i attach a link about my dad

tho please do not be sad

he has gone to a better place

full of love n gods grace

will be in Mondays echo too

amazing man, that much is true

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