My dads spirits with me


My dads spirits with me

and will be endlessly

been gone, day or so

now being shown the ropes

spiritworld, real as this

no tax, pollution: bliss


my third eye been ringing

dad's been around bringing

his brand of love and joy

like a kid with a new toy

his suffering now over

lucky as a 4 leaf clover


I'm his new telephone exchange

and he's got lots to say

re-united with his family

and now at peace totally

already told me 'abide with me'

sung at the funeral definately


also hes looking forward to

watching all the sport too

footy without falling asleep

and a memory for keeps

wants to watch boxing saturday

in his passing, lots of positivity 


Mum cant get head around

dad spirit still is sound

we all have everlasting life

just comes in a different guise

promised Rod no more tears

to accompany my lack of fear


I know dad chose his time

to pass to the next life

nobody watching to fight for

decided to use the exit door

mum wanted to be there last

better she wasnt when passed


still a long way to go

family's a strong one you know

friends being well supportive

navy too, he was devoted

thank you all for sentiments

yesterday my dad 'stormy' heaven sent


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