My Dad's Staring at me


My Dad's Staring at me


My dad is staring at me

but the stares a vacancy

struggling top maintain life force

which is shortly to run it's course

his kidneys working at 5%

body shortly to be heaven sent

every body dies sometime

propelling you toward the next life


he knows it's his time coming

whole family towards him running

even those that are self estranged

appearing in his life again

even the stupid could work out

final respects paid from not so devout


eyes shut but can here every word

and occasionally we get a stir

and some amazing oratory

kicking in his last testimony

booming voice at dead of night

rest on the ward given a fright

Dads so tough, not going yet

not quite ready for heaven sent


final play before our eyes

struggle to the end shouldn’t surprise

fighting his corner to the end

steely determination does not bend

but rusty, corroded in the middle

more difficult to stay in the saddle

of life he's ridden with much resolve

shortly his life to be revolved


turned inside out, change of state

to a world devoid of hate

no pollution, no money to

drive you down, negatively effect you

a life cocooned by perfect live

all created by the divine above


whatever the outcome, I accept his fate

a silver cloud of love not hate

I love him dearly, set him free

the fight is his to fight definitely

the power of love can only go so far

failing organs just lower your bar

he's had a great life anyways

new beginning soon for brighter days

Author's Notes/Comments: 

about my fathers fight for life which he is loosing sadly

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