My ode to Eating Meat. about the recent Horsemeat Scandal

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Tell u about eating meat

Lowers vibration exponentially

This is why gave up steak

The whole process full of hate

To get meat on your plate


Some cows sat in a field

Lots become your next meal

Get bundled in a truck

Reach the abbertoir

Dead out of luck


Unloaded, and stuck in a pen

They got noses to smell death

They get nervous, not happy

As low as it gets vibrationally

Watching the death of family


So when the animal is killed

Not very happy, hardly thrilled

The meat ends up sad too

And when you eat the stuff

The sadness passes INTO YOU


You may like the smell or taste

But of life its such a waste

If a christian, Bible says it’s ok

But thats also a trick sadly

Designed to lower vibration



I know hippies that eat animals

But before give it lots of love

I have been told, tasitest meat

Every likely to eat

Better that primest quiality


And about the horsemeat in

Supermarket burgers, a sin

Not cos its bad for you

Or lowers the light within

Simply a matter of grabbing


Mis labelling food ingredients

Not only isnt heaven sent

People doing it to increase profit

Using cheap ingredients STOP IT

Dont worry every nazi pays

Karma ensures theres no escape


Not just meat, gluten too

But that stuff is NO GOOD FOR YOU

Aspartame, sulphites, list goes on

Flouride too, its all wrong

Horses for meat got to stop


Our 4 legged friends, good service

Pulling, pitponies, now nervous

Knackers yard or baby machine

Wholesale abuse, low vibrating

Doubly sad that meat will be




I eat fish simply because

6 second memory, dont think a lot

They are happy when they die

So wont bring sadness to your life

Unlike abbertoir strife


Free range eggs too

The only ones good for you

Depressing life for Battery hens

Swimming in thier piss n shit

Might as well be dead


Its a free choice anyway

Mark my words for brighter days

Nothings dragging me down at all

I constantly have a ball

No meat; higher vibrational

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