my ode to HAPPA at gregory Farm, Brockwier, and its unfair closure

current affairs

Greetings Brockweir how do you do?

Just had to write a poem to you

What is happening to HAPPA right now

Unjust, Unfair, to lies they cow tow

Cos their staff as unfairly treated

As the horses being mistreated

looked after, great work of HAPPA



Just because cheap supermarket chains

Put horses in the food chain

It is their own fault I’m sure

Reasoning? You get what you pay for


Don’t deserve the flak being heard

Please look after, great work of HAPPA


Horses live for a long time

Not many charities too of equine

gypsy, pit ponies, race horses too

all the subject of widespread abuse

Decent human being? Caring?

Support HAPPA’s equine caring

Support HAPPA’s fight; troubled horses plights

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