angels don't play this HAARP

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Angels don’t play this HAARP

Angels play Harps and Lyres
Abject beauty to inspire
But theres a HAARP: Nazi
Not made from music wire

Angels don’t play HAARP
Have not done from the start
HAARP is in Alaska, Reading
Designed to effect your heart

Soul too, to suppress the truth
Disconnect from the divine
Negative frequencies disturb you
Remove a life so sublime

That’s not to say your happy
Angels don’t play HAARPS sadly
But life can be amazing
Better than the life your leading

HAARP on almost daily
Reading, main one in Alaska
Not forgetting one in Norway
All because our leaders don’t care

Restriction, any way they can
Prescription drugs, poison food
Another way to restrict; religion
Designed to make a puppet of you

No strings in this HAARP too
Just a mass of wire, electric
Ionospheric heater too
Can even manufacture earthquakes

Like Hadron Collider will break
Divine don’t trust any machine
Illuminate and the dark makes
By definition distinctly nazi

Author's Notes/Comments: 

please google LHC and HAARP for more info

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