Will god care?

When you die, will god care?
If you have a corporation
Or got a bright red Ferrari
Or a beachside condo
In Florida or Rimini


When you die, will god care?
If you fly your own helicopter
Or got your own runway
Like john Travolta
Doubt it somehow.


I felt compelled to read
The other week; Mother Theresa
She really knew god
That’s how I feel indeed
And she stated categorically

That the only thing that god
Really cares about at all
how much love you bring into
this sick perverted world
Materially; Certainly


But its only the western world
That has been swindled
Of all its Spiritually
And with it, all the love
That naturally

Emanates From ones soul.

Mother Teresa had one
Wouldn’t you know
As big as a school of
Blue whales


Full of so much truth
What lacked in the western life
It has no love: she understood
The most terrible poverty
Loneliness, and being unloved

And I agree with her that

The best thing you can do
To promote a world of peace
Go love your family
And to do good deeds

Cos a life not lived for others
Is not a life, and the man
Mentioned with corporation
Likely exploitation
I pity: No life at all


The dog eat dog world
Is being done away with soon
Cos god is a vegetarian
Will look after good people
Take them to a higher vibration

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