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Stock Market Nose diving

Thr FTSE, CAC and Dow Jones
All taken a nosedive today
In all probability: Market Manipulation
By the bloodlines of Cain

And very ironic, just after easter
Cos the only time Master Jesus
Got even vaguely angry
Whipped the lenders of money

Now the boots on the other foot
The lenders of money disregard
Both the people and JC’s fathers house
Pimping for another bank bonus

The investment bankers now control
Every foodstuff, commodity on earth
And continue to jack all prices up
Wish they would all get stuffed

And also continue to make up
Lots of suspect financial instruments
To be sold as top draw investments
But the punters also hedge against em

Capitalism is definitely going to fail
Self demolition by relatives of cain
As they continue to invest in gold
Or steal it fro m the gulf you know

The death of money soon enough
Then all the bankers can get stuffed
They will keep this ponzi happening
For as long as they physically can

Cheap interest rates, slack regulation
Don’t forget quantitative easing
The whole system needs erasing
Going to fall soon; bankers screwed

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written easter 2012

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