my ode entitled 'bloodline of cain'

current affairs




Who are descendants of cain
People ask me
For a start they are all descended
From the serpent and Eve


Noah’s flood was designed
To erase Cain’s bloodline
With wiping Canaanites in mind
No success wiping out this vine


War crimes and more; bogus system
Cain killed Abel and didn’t care
Relatives have shaped even religion
And again we live in the times of Noah


The next, flood type incident
Is coming soon to take care of
All those descended from the serpent
The ones not caring for mother earth


Everyone on this earth gets judged
To decide which world they merit
A one full of selflessness
Cain’s bloodline and evil won’t get it


But even if you descend from Cain
You still have a chance with the divine
If your selfless and/or believer
Everything will turn out just fine


Faith is essential for this process
Without it your just suffering
And dying when there is no death
With it fearlessness, higher vibration
Not forgetting absolute protection

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