My ode to Newtown

current affairs

Guns don’t kill people, people do
I’m no liar, speak the truth
Think about the statement I make
Think a gun can fire it’self
Your more than half baked

No doubt families are grieving
About Newtown, some seething
That someone decided to fire
On innocent young victims
A whole community in death’s mire

Big love heading from me
And every other lightworker definitely
Big changes coming well soon
Then peace and love will be a boon
Not soon enough for Newtown
And a school full of frowns

And as much as I don’t like guns
Bit gutted that I don’t own one
When everyone wakes up to robbing
Taking place under their noses
There indeed will be more sobbing

The truth is nobody die’s anyway
Just ascends to spirituality
Just cos their physical body is gone
Had their spirits commended to god
Just like Jesus on the cross

No doubt it’s a tragedy
When young lives get taken early
And experts about conspiracy
Would have you think
Newtown’s designed to get
The weapons off people early

Just when a house is armed up
To the hilt, killers are in luck
My brother in laws got guns
But they are in a cabinet
Under lock and key
Newtown would have better luck

But even Master Jesus in
The Glostic book of Thomas; doubting
Says you got to fight for
What is truly yours
Else it will be taken definitely
Currently in progress: Daylight robbery

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