a poem for christmas 2017


Greetings people how do?
Yet another poem to you
To wish you compliments of the season
Even though Christmas roots are pagan


Hope you and your families are good?
And all is quiet in your neighbourhoods
and may Christmastime bring
you lots of positive things
Been late writing this year
Mums been in hospital; not severe
At 90 she cant breathe well
Not lucky enough to live near chalice well
Avalon does energize
If she lived there; longer life


Still Christmastime is a time of birth
Festive energy and making mirth
On this not its exciting times
Not at all 'the end of times'


Its more of a new beginning
As the light finally starts winning
Cos Jesus has come back to sort
The world out: Superior court


In the digital age, easy to do
Save the feet of a wandering Jew
Hes come again to make a statement
and to throw a spanner in the matrix
But he's also come as a minority too
weed out the bigots; spiritual breakthrough
But back to his day, may it be good
And shine light on all of your brood
big midwinter love from the UK
exporting love cos that kills all hate
and much love from me
Daz the Druid aka ziggy

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This is funny

"Superior Court" - ha. Interesting Christmas write. Hope yours was merry and far from hazy. Luv w U 2- slc



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