My ode to Low vibration food

My Ode To Low Vibration Food

Low vibration foods are those
That drag you down I suppose
Not hard to work them out
Which foods drag you down
Foods of a low vibration


I am sat here at Avebury
Things vibrate much higher
When they are fluffy and lighter
When things are weighed right down
It slows your vibration down
Made worse by eating pig or cow


So with this spectrum in mind
Can you work out foods: Light
You think porridge every day
Is going to make you fluffy
And light; answer no: Your right


What about other cereal foods
Right again, they weigh on you
Breakfast is bad for you anyway
Still processing food from previous day
Fast till lunch; push a pen: Easy


So you managed without breakfast today
Then what's on the lunch menu daily
Sandwiches, pastry: low vibration
Regardless of what's inside them
That's better, slap up lunch: Brunch

But brunch is as good as breakfast

And would you struggle to last?
But if lunch has a slice of meat
To digest it all, would take you to tea
M eat is low vibration, make it history

Cos when that pig, cow or lamb
Sees it's friends killed with a bolt gun

It’s not very happy when it dies
And this vibration passes to your body
Still want to eat meat? Not for me!

Come alive, live on death: Mushroom s
They are well low vibration too

You may be asking yourself if there is
An y food left to eat at all
Fresh pasta, rice: most vegetables

Fresh fish and eggs too, but no dairy
Cheeses, milk, no good for you and me
And you c an prove it to yourself
The next time you brew some tea

We are 85% water, you and me

You put the milk in with the bag
And top your cup with water
Does the flavour flood out?
I bet it’s not like it ought ta
So its advisable to stick to water


Anti-biotics in farm animals too
Kill any potential bodily gains: true
Think what you are about to eat
And whether it was at peace
Before it became a slab of meat

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