My ode entitled 'Current One'

current affairs

feeling the need to scribe
an ode about the life
of those that are suffering
and the crews that are plundering
the people of this planet
wish they would up and sack it


the shooting in San Bernardino, CA
staged to cause yet more dismay
crisis actors are beyond a joke
with their fake mourning cloaks
doubt there that anybody died
like Sandy Hook, confirmed by the FBI


the wests poking the Russian bear
to see if they would care
enough to start world war 3
but Putin too cool definately
and missiles up in Syria soon
then the weopon selling boon
will come to a grinding halt
as the warmongers would have had their lot


ISIS never attacks Israel because
its one of their lap dogs
and Turkey buying black market oil
yet denying they do simply embroils
them more with the ruling elite
who just dont care for you and me


ISIS part of the plan you see
hate lowers vibration exponentially
Paris was a false flag attack
fire proof passports show that
done the day after France recognised
the country of JC, Palestine

ISIS created by the west anyway
problem, reaction, solution: Crazy


convenient too for the Paris congress
on climate change, hell of a mess
climate change is just a scam
but protesters are being canned
using terrorism as an excuse
its just another hangmans noose
around the neck of humanity
dont worry soon to stop this insanity


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