Alone, isn't the same thing as lonely.

I stare at painted white walls, 

Thinking about everything and nothing

All at once.... 

Lying alone in a room with nothing

but the smooth sounds of jazz

To remind me i still live. 

While you prance around 

Flaunting your happiness, 

Too busy to remember me, 

Who dragged you from the depths

when the dark threatened to swallow you... 

And I who did all 

To keep it held together

When the world tried to tear us apart ....

And you who complained you felt lonely, 

So I abandoned my responsibilities 

To rid you of that feeling... 

And now he is here, 

To do what was once

My responsibility.... 

Should I feel grateful? 


All I feel is lonely

So I cry out for you

To do for me

what I once did for you. 

You owe me that, don't you? 

No,  at least that's what your actions say. 

Now I feel alone... 

You call it me being lonely, 

Crying out for attention.... 

But there's a difference... 

Lonely is when you miss someone who is still there... 

Alone is when no one is.... 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Love is stupid.

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  I liked it.


I liked it.











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Thank ya!

Thank ya!