She Who Was The Child Of A Volcano Part 3 /4

She Who Was....

I hope you are eating this up

like a loaf of fresh baked bread.

Or you will ruin the whole thing

so don't you skip ahead!!!!

It's two full years later for Bonnie

this young woman of volcano-send

Who wants to leave a town that fears her

and find her happy end.

But it is still a week away

before Bonnie will turn nineteen.

And alas her dream of leaving

is still just that, a dream.

On this day came a man

his face was bloody and badly beaten.

and from a glance anyone could tell

It has been long since this man's eaten.

But the town doesn't like outsiders

and ignored him leaving him scared and alone.

Except for our dear and strange Bonnie.

who helped him limp into his home.

For three days she washed and fed him

while he told her tales of battle.

And in return she told him one

about the time she burned the village cattle.

He didn't quite believe her,

despite her tearful and true sounding cry.

But he also didn't think she 'd deceive him

and doubted she even knew how to lie.

She was happy that he half believed

and smiled, her beauty nearly blinding him

He said he instantly fell in love

but she thought that loving her was bad a sin.

He said he didn't care at all 

and he asked her for her hand.

She said okay but she may change her mind

after beginning to know this little man.

He told her he couldn't stay here

that he would be leaving soon.

She was invited but had to show him

saying "meet me at the river by noon."

He showed up there  with some doubt

but open to believe.

She thought of the people in town

and rolled up her sleeves.

Shr melted the rocks by his feet

then  calmed and didn't dare meet his eyes.

Until he kissed her very hard and sweet on the mouth

making her start with surprise.

They would be leaving the next day, her birthday

but first she had to tell her father.

Hoping the volcano wouldn't over react

and begin a complete man slaughter.

She told him solemnly the next day 

and hoped it would be an easy goodbye.

But for the first time in years he father spoke

screaming "Without you I shall die.."

He started to erupt angrily

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Was it what you expected? 

If you said yes you're a liar.


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